About Patricia Sheley Photography

A Common Woman's Senses, defining an edge from which to leap...

We are each in our own way historians, of our place, our senses, their memory, their signs. Along the cairned pathways, echoes of mentors, Nagual and dreamers radiate an oceanic calm as age begins the revelation of mysterious simplicity. From behind my eyes the backspacing to quiet contemplation has begun, a transmigration of sorts, from self to uncertain "other", the last traces of my path alongshore disappearing with the tides. Instinct now draped over things I thought I knew has become the independent shutter of "A Common Woman's Senses". P.A.S. February 2013

From their home base of Hawk's Table HMA in Scotland, Connecticut, Patricia and Loran seek to preserve for and connect the children of future generations with "nature close at hand". Just miles from Trailwood, the home of Edwin Way Teale of a past generation, Hawk's Table works to hold at bay the widening gap between children and nature. Loran nurtures a vibrant and healthy apiary brimming with nature's blessings. It is easily understood as one works with the honey bees as they struggle with human's policies and behaviours, how nature's health and the health and well-being of future generations reflect each other.
Please feel welcome to contact Patricia to arrange photography or to discuss your ideas or questions about projects and adventures you might like to undertake.