With the ever increasing nature deficit in our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, a river to fish, a pond to swim, a habitat where quietude nurtures our souls and heals our spirit, the woods and streams we explored as playful youth are too often dim memory. The solitude where honey bees consume morning dew, darksome forest floors mingled with balsam's fine shade and fragrance, water droplets on a voyage co-mingling with ice, the pale solitude and luminance from within a fog wrapped shore, morning light through aged weather worn glass, the sumptuous palate of "nature close at hand"...these and so much more I wish for you. I hope you'll find your way back from time to time to share the spirit of place, of "a common woman's senses". May your time in nature make your senses swoon anew. Warm regards, Patricia Sheley

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